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Opportunities come and go, but there are few opportunities more worthwhile, than the investment of our time and resources into the lives of our children! Grand Central Collective has always prioritized the ministry to and for our children. From our KidZone to Grand Central Preschool to our Afterschool Programs in the Arts, Grand Central Collective continues to possess a HUGE heart for the children. We love our kids!

Two years and four months ago, Grand Central Collective took a leap of faith and moved the church to a wonderful and beautiful facility in Santa Clarita. Following that move, the church got busy continuing their ongoing legacy of providing the absolute best for the children. We love our kids!

A beautiful, brand new, onsite playground was installed (of course, it had to have a train!) for our KidZone and Grand Central Preshool, where our children safely play for hours and hours throghout the week! It also touts a mini basketball court area for our `bigger kids! Did I mention we also have an electric train? Grand Central Express chugs through the Plaza several times throughout the year, bringing smiles to the children’s faces while providing hours of enjoyment to entire families throughout our community! We love our kids!

Our artrs program, Grand Central Arts, which has provided FREE Guitar, Keyboard, Drums, Vocals and Painting classes to dozens and dozens of children, has been an awesome addition to our Collective and overall reach to our community! We have a wonderful network of professional artists that give to their students way more than they receive. We love our kids!

Over its 100 plus years of existence as a church, Grand Central has been blessed to have hundreds and hundreds of children come through our doors. Through the years, we have watched so many of those wonderful children grow up with vision and love for their families, communities and school mates! We love our kids!

So, with all of the excellent opportunities that we’ve been able to offer children, we’re now at a moment in time where we could use some investment, in order to expand those opportunities we provide! We are currently running this new campaign to raise an additional $150,000.00 for the children! On behalf of the children, we appreciate any and all Miracle Gifts sown into Grand Central Collective! Thank you for helping us love our kids!

Pastor Darrell

Lead Pastor, Grand Central Collective